Health and Safety Guidelines

As part of the project to provide housing to healthcare professionals directly involved in combating COVID-19, a set of measures was developed by the health authorities to respond to and slow down the spread of the virus. 

It is very important that each participant (responsible for the accommodation, the hosted health professional and cleaning professionals involved in the cleaning of the accommodation) applies all the indicated preventive measures.

Concerns for local lodgings

Responsible for Accommodation

- Remove or isolate all clothing (including blankets, comforters, pillows) and towels. As well as reducing carpets and curtains as much as possible, as they are surfaces where the virus can remain for several days.

- Look for alternative ways to hand over keys to health professionals, so as not to be exposed to contagion

- Disinfect the keys before making them available and when collecting them

- Enter the accommodation only 3 days after the departure of the health professional

Cleaning Teams

- Proceed with cleaning only on the 3rd day after the health professional leaves

- During cleaning, strictly follow all the DGS recommendations available in the document .

- Disinfect the accommodation keys when returning them to the owner or the place where you collected them