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In order to ensure the support and disinfection guaranteed by ALEP and Turismo de Portugal, we remind you that reservations must be made and validated by Rooms Against Covid. Please do not book reservations directly. You should only contact the professional after receiving the booking confirmation email. All changes to the reservation must be communicated and processed by the Rooms Against Covid team.

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How can I register my accommodation?
Registrations must be made through this form .
After filling and sending the form, your accommodation will be validated. This validation process is carried out by our team of volunteers, and can take some time, so we ask for your understanding and patience. When your accommodation is already online and ready to receive for reservations, according to the availability you have indicated, you will receive a confirmation email with the necessary information.

What are the requirements for my accommodation to be validated?
For your accommodation to be validated, you must be registered with the RNAL or RNET, ensure that the accommodation does not have common areas that can be shared between professionals or between these and other guests and confirm that you have no debts to Finance or Social Security.

Who are the people who will be staying in my apartment?
This project is aimed at supporting professionals, duly accredited, who are performing on the front lines of the fight against Covid-19.
The professionals who host were submitted to a brief form, under which the professional presented the respective accreditation, confirmed the performance of functions within the scope of the fight against Covid-19 and justified the need for accommodation.

Who can occupy the accommodation?
According to the recommendations of the DGS in this regard, each accommodation must be occupied by only one person, and access to other rooms that are not necessary (such as additional rooms) must be restricted.


How do I know that my accommodation has been booked?
First you will receive a pre-booking email, addressed to the professional, so that he can confirm the respective information.,. After the information sent by the professional has been validated, you will receive a confirmation email, in which the contact details of the accommodation will be indicated (in order to confirm the check-in and check-out details or other information) and general information you should have. in attention.

How do reservations work?
Professionals must make the reservation directly on the platform. The reservation will only be confirmed after the professionals receive a pre-booking e-mail, through which they must complete a form with their complete details and also information about their credentials and the need for their stay. Once these questions are confirmed, the professional and the accommodation will receive a confirmation email, after which they should contact and share the necessary information about the stay. If you are not contacted by the host, you should do so to prepare for check-in and check-out and share other relevant information. Shared personal data will be managed only by Rooms Against Covid.

Am I consulted whenever there is a guest interested in my accommodation?
The accommodation availability is filled by you. Considering the indicated availability, when there is a match between your accommodation and a professional we will send you a pre-booking email to validate the professional's data, and then a confirmation email with the accommodation's contacts and the relevant information for the reservation.

Can I reject or cancel a reservation?
You can reject or cancel a reservation whenever your accommodation is unavailable. We appreciate that you keep your availability updated to avoid unnecessary contacts.
If you are unable to receive the professional, we ask that you contact Rooms Against Covid ( ) and indicate him, so that we can notify this professional and make the necessary changes.

What if I don't receive a booking confirmation email?
After all data has been validated, and if the reservation is confirmed, it is possible that the email you will receive with your contacts and those of the professional has gone not to your main inbox, but to the promotions box , social, spam, or other.


What is the minimum and maximum duration of each stay?
Each stay must have a minimum of 14 days and, upon request by email sent to, can be extended beyond the reserved date - at the end of which the necessary days will be added to guarantee the vacancy and final cleaning period. Validation of the extension of the reservation is subject to the availability of the accommodation - which cannot be guaranteed by Rooms Against Covid.

What if the professional wants to extend or extend his stay?
Any change to the accommodation agreement must have the agreement of the person responsible for the accommodation in which the professional is. The length of the stay must always be confirmed with Rooms Against Covid ( If the accommodation is not available, Rooms Against Covid will try to find another accommodation, with no guarantee of success.

When can I return to receive another professional, after leaving the previous one?
You should wait for cleaning and disinfection to be carried out. After cleaning and disinfection, you can return to other professionals.
You should, in any case, observe the cleaning and disinfection recommendations issued by DGS .

What should be in the accommodation when the professional enters?
The accommodation, for reasons related to logistics and health, should not include the following items, which must be provided by each professional: bath towels, all bed linen (whose measures must be indicated by you), pillow, hygiene products staff, and appropriate cleaning products. Ex: garbage bags, bleach, disinfectants, toilet paper, mop and dish detergent.
The accommodation must provide a basic starter kit, containing toilet paper and liquid soap, so that the professional can carry out basic hygiene.
You should also ensure that the rooms and spaces accessible to the guest are clean and tidy, limiting access to rooms that are not needed (for example, additional rooms).
If, to facilitate the professional's stay, you want to make one or two starter kits of bed linen and towels available, you can do so, at your own risk. However, at the end of the stay, care should be taken in removing these clothes and cleaning, according to the disinfection standards provided by DGS.
Weekly change of clothes is not recommended. The professional must take care of your clothes - which is why the existence of a washing machine is an added value of the accommodation.

What if I don't receive a booking confirmation email?
After all data has been validated, and if the reservation is made, it is possible that the email you will receive with your contacts and those of the professional has gone not to your main inbox, but to the promotions box , social, spam, or other.


What should I keep in mind when checking in?
Whenever possible, you should avoid in-person check-in. Ideally, there will be an automatic code access system or a safe with code opening at the entrance to the property, where the key can be left.
If check-in is in person, ensure that security measures are in place and that keys or other materials delivered are properly disinfected.
In any case, you should always contact the professional to inform you about the essential functioning of the accommodation, rules and care for the condominium, or communicate other relevant information.
If they exist, you must provide any instructions on the operation of devices, house rules, wi-fi password or other necessary information.
Ensure that the professional has managed to enter the accommodation.

How to hand over the keys to the professional?
After confirming the reservation, you should contact the professional to share all information regarding the entry into the accommodation (what the professional should bring to the accommodation, what the accommodation already provides, among others), agree on how they will be done. access to the accommodation and hand over the keys (digital or physical - properly disinfected, in this case).
In the booking confirmation email, the accommodation and the professional will receive their contact details so that they can contact each other and share this information.


Who is responsible for cleaning?
The daily cleaning of the accommodation, as well as the treatment and removal of garbage during the stay, are the responsibility of the professional.
When you meet the requirements for this purpose, at the end of the stay, a professional cleaning team will clean and disinfect the accommodation completely. Final cleaning will be organized and paid for by the project and must take place after the check-out date.
You will be contacted prior to the end of the booking to reconfirm the date for cleaning and instructions for cleaning staff to access your accommodation.

Can the cleaning of the accommodation after leaving the professional be carried out by me or my cleaning team?
Given the necessary precautions for hygiene of this nature, cleaning after the professional leaves the accommodation must be carried out by specialized professionals.
These cleanings will be carried out by accredited companies and made available by the project organization.


Is there any financial support?
The principle underlying this whole project is the absence of costs for professionals, based on a spirit of solidarity and volunteering.
For this reason, and to support all parties involved, ALEP, together with Turismo de Portugal will provide a contribution to all accommodations that meet the necessary requirements to support the consumption of the stay.
When benefiting from this support, the accommodation will not be able to charge any amount to the professional for his stay in the accommodation.
The cleaning and disinfection of the accommodation will be the responsibility of the project.
Towards the end of the month, when the details of these procedures are finalized, ALEP will send an email explaining how to issue and where to send the necessary invoice and documents. Any questions regarding the procedure for receiving the funds, please send an email to .

What is the value of the consideration and when do I receive it?
The amount of support provided is intended to cover the main costs of consumption verified during the stay and is based on the value of € 7.00 / night (VAT included).
So, for example, for a stay of 30 days, the amount paid will be € 210.00 (with VAT).
At the end of the stay, the accommodation will have to issue the respective invoice in the name of ALEP, with 6% VAT (or without VAT if exempt).
Thus, for example, on a stay of 30 days, you will issue an invoice of € 198.11 + 6% VAT or € 210.00, if exempt.
At the end of the month in which the check-out took place, all occupied nights will be sent by ALEP to Turismo de Portugal, which, after checking this data, sends the amount to be paid to ALEP, which will then transfer it to the accommodations .
Towards the end of the month, when the details of these procedures are finalized, ALEP will send an email explaining how to issue and where to send the necessary invoice and documents.
The estimated date for payment of accommodation support is the 20th of the month following the check-out.

What do I need to do to receive the consideration?
First of all, you must ensure that the stay is booked through the platform and will only be completed after receiving the confirmation email. Immediately after check-out, you must issue the accommodation invoice, filled in with the accommodation data, from ALEP and the description of the stay of the respective professional in the scope of the fight against Covid-19. This invoice should be sent to ALEP following the email it will send for this purpose at the end of the month. In addition, in order to receive this support, you cannot have debts to Finance or Social Security, so you will have to send a declaration of non-debt to these entities. If you are not registered with Social Security - for example, if your only activity is AL in the apartment or housing modality - you must register on the Direct Social Security website and issue the non-debt certificate. Both certificates are done online and on time.
Towards the end of the month, when the details of these procedures are finalized, ALEP will send an email explaining how to issue and where to send the necessary invoice and documents.

What if the healthcare professional damages something in the accommodation during the stay?
If there is damage to the accommodation during the stay, proven to be attributable to the professional, he will be responsible for them, and the accommodation should, as soon as the damage is verified, immediately and directly contact the professional.
Rooms Against Covid is not responsible, nor can it be held responsible for any damages suffered in the accommodation before, during or after the stay elapsed under the project, by any professional or other.